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Shelby - Board and Train

"Caroline has been such a blessing to our family! Our 2-year-old Havanese Shelby first stayed with her in the summer of 2022 for her 2-week board and train program. Caroline sent pictures, feedback, and videos the whole time she had her – it was so fun to watch her making progress right in front of our eyes! Before her training, Shelby was a runner who didn’t listen – ever! After her training, she was like a new dog! We could open the front door without fear she would vanish & could actually enjoy taking her on walks & spending time with her in the house! Caroline is also our first choice for boarding when we travel & we are all so thankful for her, including Shelby – she runs to the door to go to her house at the mention of her name!"

Rosie and Poppy - Board and Train & Puppy Program

"Before going through the board and train program, Rosie would jump up on people to get all the lovings. Now, she's able to obey her sit or down command while getting pets and belly rubs! She was guided to overcome her fear of walking on a leash so we can go on walks peacefully without her pulling or walking too fast. So when I got a new puppy, I immediately knew I wanted to send her to Caroline's puppy program to start her with a good foundation. That's exactly what happened - Poppy was introduced to proper leash walking, kennel training, new smells/adventures at the pet store, and much more! I am looking forward to her attending the board and train program soon. While both dogs were in their programs, I received pictures and videos with updates on their progress. One of the best parts is that Caroline not only trained my dogs, but also trained me too on how to keep practicing with my dogs at home where they could continue to be certified good doggos! They learned so much while also having fun, and I 100% recommend sending your dog to Paw Pack Training!"

Murphy - Board and Train

"We brought our 8 month old Golden Retriever, Murphy, to Caroline and we're absolutely blown away by the progress he made after his board and train. He sits on "place" with a house full of guests, he doesn't pull the leash while on walks, and never jumps on friends when they greet him. We regularly board Murphy with Caroline and he absolutely LOVES going to "camp". She is one of the very few people we trust to keep him. She treats him as her own, and we are so grateful for her! Worth every penny!!"


Matcha - Board and Train

"Caroline's training was a wonderful experience. She was super helpful and open to communication even before training had started. Once my puppy was in her board and train program, she gave me regular updates and photos or videos every day. My puppy has been behaving spectacularly since then and I was given enough instructions to follow through and keep those good habits consistent. Not only did she give wonderful results, my puppy loved her! I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to instill good manners and basic training into their pets."

Huck - Board and Train

"Huck is a 2 1/2 year-old GSP. He had previously failed duck school because he is so stubborn! So I was a little doubtful that he would really "get it" if I sent him to Caroline for training. He got it 100%! Before Caroline worked with him, we were yelling at him and becoming exasperated because he was literally like a crazy toddler having the run of the house. It was honestly so frustrating all the time, when anyone came into our door to visit, I would have to drag him to his kennel to even let them inside the house because he was so excited. After Caroline, someone can knock on the door and I can get him to stay "on place." He minds so much better in every aspect.  I can now even let him off leash to chase a ball in a field, knowing that I have the tools to bring him right back to my side. He is much more manageable and pleasant to be around which has made our household calmer and happier. I highly recommend Caroline! She sent me tons of videos to show me how to work with Huck. Her training was a game changer for all of us!"


Ruby - Puppy Program

"Our Ruby loved being able to spend time with Caroline! We would definitely recommend her (which we do) to anyone who is looking for help in those beginning stages of having a brand new puppy. Ruby did the week day program and during the program she progressed in crate training, walking on a leash, alerting us for using the bathroom, and just overall listening skills!"

Gus - Board and Train 

"Caroline took him in for two weeks and changed our lives forever! We can take him to places like this (baseball games) with a lot of distractions and he does exactly what he's been taught to do. Tonight while he was on "place" another dog came up and he thought about it but all I said was "Gus" and he didn't even budge. Now that's self control. I'm so happy I can take hum everywhere without stressing about his behavior! 100% recommend Paw Pack Training for your fur babies!"

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